About Us

Our vision is to feed the world through cellular agriculture.
As a society, we are faced with growing challenges relating to climate change, resource depletion, population growth, and food insecurity. We are concerned about the trajectory of our planet and are passionate about finding solutions to these challenges.

Our mission is to unleash the full potential of cellular agriculture.
We are enabling the rapid commercialization of this industry by solving one of its biggest challenges - enabling safe, sustainable, and affordable growth media.

Matthew Anderson-Baron Headshot

Dr. Matthew Anderson-Baron
Founder & CEO

A scientist-turn-entrepreneur, Matt discovered cellular agriculture during his PhD when he found the New Harvest website. The massive potential to slow climate change through cellular agriculture drove him to secure a New Harvest seed grant where he began to research suitable replacements for foetal bovine serum. Matt then deepened his knowledge during a prestigious postdoc position in a top Canadian tissue engineering lab. Matt’s passion for sustainability and knowledge of the FBS problem culminated in the launch of Future Fields to produce the world’s most sustainable recombinant proteins for cell culture media and beyond.

Jalene Anderson-Baron

Jalene Anderson-Baron
Founder & COO

Jalene obtained her MA from the University of Alberta and has worked in many analytical capacities over the past decade. She is a critical thinker with a keen attention to detail and the ability to turn big ideas into action. She has extensive experience in health and social research, project management, stakeholder engagement, and policy planning, implementation and advocacy. Jalene has long been interested in social and climate justice, which fuelled her initial passion for this industry. Since becoming a mom, her motivation to change the trajectory of our planet has never been higher. This sense of urgency to unleash cell ag for the sake of our next generation is what keeps Jalene going every day.

Chris Fetterly

Dr. Chris Fetterly
VP sales

Dr. Chris Fetterly has a diverse background in lifesciences, nanoscale chemistry, electrical and computer engineering, and in university entrepreneurship programming. Chris’ experience is at the intersection of science and business, having worked with small technology startups and consulting for established firms. Chris has been the recipient of numerous academic awards and is very active in the Edmonton innovation ecosystem. His first experience with alternative protein was growing crickets, and has long held the belief that cellular agriculture is the future of feeding the world’s growing population.

Connor Davis

Connor Davis
Research Scientist

Connor obtained his BSc in biochemistry at McMaster University. His undergraduate thesis project there focused on Staphylococcus aureus biofilm infections, and how to use bacteriophage as a potential treatment method. While looking into alternative protein sources after a long day of climbing out in Squamish, BC, he stumbled upon cellular agriculture. After quickly understanding the field’s potential for innovative science and environmental/animal welfare benefits, he knew it was an area he needed to get involved with. Connor also volunteers with Cellular Agriculture Canada, where he helps produce social media and newsletter content.

Brittany Fraser

Brittany Fraser
cell culture team lead

Brittany holds an MSc in molecular biology and genetics from the University of Alberta and has over a decade of experience working in cell biology, immunology, physiology, and neurology. Her expertise is in optimizing complex procedures and project planning of high-throughput experiments. In becoming a scientist, Brittany’s goal was to help make the world a better place. She continues to pursue this goal by contributing to the exciting industry of cellular agriculture.

Ela Dudek

Dr. Ela Dudek
Protein purification Team lead

With an MSc in Biotechnology, a PhD in Biochemistry, and five years experience as a postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Ela Dudek is a leading expert in protein biochemistry. She has extensive experience in protein purification and protein analysis. Most recently she was part of the team in charge of GMP protein purification of the HCV vaccine and a protease required for the HCV vaccine's manufacturing process.
After many years in academia, Ela’s curiosity and passion for science and innovation led her to join Future Fields. She is very aware of the problems of our planet and decided to be proactive, enthusiastically joining this new field of cellular agriculture to help make food available and affordable for every person.

Laine Lysyk

Laine Lysyk
Research scientist, protein purification

Laine obtained her M.Sc. in Biochemistry at the University of Alberta where her graduate studies focused on characterizing a mitochondrial intramembrane protease implicated in Parkinson’s disease. She has extensive experience in protein biochemistry and finding creative solutions when working with challenging proteins. Having grown up on an organic farm, Laine holds a personal interest in the agriculture sector and is very excited to bring her technical expertise to the team at Future Fields and the innovative field of cellular agriculture.

Erik Luber

dr. Erik Luber
Engineering team lead

Erik's first word was "puzzle" and he has been obsessed with solving them ever since. Having studied Engineering Physics at the undergraduate level, then a PhD in Materials Engineering, followed by a postdoctoral and research scientist position in the department of Chemistry, Erik is now completing the scientific trifecta by working at a biotech start-up. After a brief stint in the oil & gas industry as a geophysicist, Erik decided that he wanted to devote his scientific and engineering efforts to building a more sustainable future for the inhabitants of spaceship Earth. The last 10 years of his career have been focused on materials development for sustainable energy production and harvesting, ranging from photovoltaics, batteries and water splitting. Transitioning to the field of cellular agriculture has been incredibly rewarding as it is an amazing playground full of the type of scientific and engineering puzzles that Erik loves to work on.

Brian Olsen

Brian olsen
research engineer

Brian has always been interested in how things work, from the toaster he tore apart in kindergarten, to the marvels of modern construction, to the wonders of the world we live in. This interest drove him to pursue a BSc in Engineering Physics and MSc in Material Engineering from the University of Alberta. Over the last ten years, he has been involved in research projects exploring the world of the nanoscale, finding new materials for solar cells, hydrogen production, batteries and self-assembled nanostructures. With expertise in data analysis, computer programming and manufacturing, Brian is bringing his diverse skill set to biology to help Future Fields take cellular agriculture to greater heights than ever before.

Headshot Image

Matthew Alexander
VP Finance

Matthew obtained his BComm. degree with a major in Finance and Accounting from the University of Alberta. After obtaining his degree, Matthew articled at Alberta’s largest full-service accounting firm where he obtained his Chartered Accountant Designation. He has significant experience with private for-profit businesses in the manufacturing, construction and energy industries. Matthew also has experience with international business and has overseen companies with operations in the USA, Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Matthew has a passion for entrepreneurship and business.

Paige Grant

Paige Grant
Research scientist, protein purification

Paige is currently pursuing an MSc in Biochemistry at the University of Alberta, where she studies a protein kinase implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease. Through her undergraduate and graduate work, she has experience in purification, structural studies, and functional explorations of various proteins. After spending the summer working with the Future Fields protein purification team as an intern, her interest in the field of cellular agriculture flourished. She’s excited to continue to work towards creative solutions to one of the world’s biggest problems.

Abbas Mehdi

Abbas Mehdi
Lab Assistant

Abbas obtained his BSc in Biological Sciences from University of Alberta. His undergraduate project focused on developing a model for COVID-19 transmission in Edmonton using the infectivity data of the first wave infections. Abbas has been active in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Synthetic Biology Community and represented team UAlberta 2019 to develop a field-ready paper-based test for the detection of parasitic infections in Honeybee. Abbas is also active in the Edmonton Startup Community as part of Edmonton Advisory Council on Startups (EACOS) and the YEG Startup Awards Organizing Committee. He also serves as a Board Director at the John Humphrey Centre (JHC) to build community collaboration through education and dialogue on Peace and Human Rights. Abbas is bringing his passion for Life Sciences and Startups to Future Fields to develop the innovative solutions we urgently need for facing the Global Food Challenge.

Lia Firth

Lia Firth

Lia holds a BSc specializing in Pharmacology, and has had over 15 years of experience in Quality Control working for start-up and established pharmaceutical companies. She welcomes the challenge of applying and adapting her knowledge and experience with industry regulations and quality testing to the emerging industry of cellular agriculture. Having spent many summers on the family farm in Alberta, the importance of agricultural food security and environmental sustainability are near to her heart.

Andrew Currie

Andrew Currie
Office & Facilities manager

Andrew comes to Future Fields with a wide array of operational and leadership experience as well as a background in Risk Management. He brings 17 years of experience applying critical thought processes, and clear decision making in fast paced environments - from professional sporting events and live arena concerts, to rapid deployment infrastructure in the resource industry and remote fire fighting environments. Andrew also currently Chairs the Board for a local non-profit arts charity. He has a passion for collaboration, equity, and a strength through diversity approach. What he lacks in drosophila knowledge, is made up for in his ability to drive successful teams and projects.

Matthew Kingston

Matthew Kingston
Sales Representative

Matt Kingston is a hard sustainability enthusiast. He loves the planet and the people on it, and wants to do everything I can to protect them. He has a strong belief that we should leave this place in better condition than how we found it, and he strives to do that every day. Some of his accomplishments include winning an international climate justice competition, earning an MBA with a sustainability designation, and teaching Corporate Sustainability to MBA students at his alma mater. In his free time he likes to mountain bike, rock climb and play hockey.

Avi Sheshachalam

DR. Avi Sheshachalam
Vp R&D

Dr. Avi Sheshachalam comes from a drug discovery and development background with experience in small, medium and big biotechs targeting cancers, inflammation and neurodegenerative disorders. He obtained his PhD in Cell Biology studying allergic inflammation and, for his post doc worked with a social enterprise in the Netherlands targeting vector borne infectious diseases like malaria, lyme disease and other infectious diseases like tuberculosis. With a keen interest in addressing imminent challenges in food security and reconciling it with climate change goals, Avi finds himself looking towards the future of how to feed humanity in a sustainable, cost effective and nutritious way. As an avid fan of food and human history, he spends his time learning more about the changing food trends across the globe and its impact on human health and lifestyle. In his spare time, you will see him nodding his head to classical music and waiting for the next concert.

Thuy Nguyen

Dr. Thuy Nguyen
Research scientist, protein purification

Dr. Thuy Nguyen holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Alberta, where she conducted leading edge research on Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensing Platforms. Thuy has a wealth of experience in analytical chemistry, method development, and biosensing. Thuy is passionate about sustainability and tackling climate change, and is excited to apply her unique skillset to optimizing Future Fields’ novel technology platform.