The EntoEngine™

Future Fields' fly biotechnology

Fly by design

Our EntoEngine™ deploys Drosophila melanogaster - or the common fruit fly.

We supercharge this tiny but mighty organism with synthetic biology and scale it with the efficiencies of insect farming.

The end result?

Active, sustainable, and cost-effective biomolecules.

Future Fields EntoEngine™ insect biotechnology drosophila melanogaster

Enabling great science

Biopharmaceutical research and cultivated food applications start with cells. To grow these cells, scientists need recombinant proteins—biomolecular processing aids that enable cells to multiply or conduct other functions.

Traditionally, these recombinant proteins are made in energy-intensive, stainless steel tanks, and can be up to 50-85% of production costs.

We create quality recombinant proteins at a fraction of the price and environmental impact.

We pass on these benefits to you, the scientist.

Future Fields' recombinant proteins produced by the EntoEngine™ are optimized to support food, health, and life science research innovations.

Sustainable growth factors fibroblast cell ag cellular agriculture

food tech

  • Cellular agriculture
life sciences research embryo embryology labs stem cell research cell culture research


  • Stem cell research
  • Cell culture labs
  • Embryology labs
recombinant proteins health sciences medical kits and diagnostics therapeutics vaccines

health tech

  • Vaccines
  • Therapeutics
  • Medical kits & diagnostics
Future Fields sustainability sustainable biomanufacturing

Sustainable biomanufacturing is the future

The status quo for science doesn't cut it for sustainability.

Learn more about contributing to a circular economy while reducing your production costs with us.

Ensuring the safety of our products

We know that conducting science can be challenging. We want to eliminate as many unknowns as possible when it comes to the inputs for your research.

This is why we’re investing in the quality of our proteins upfront.

✓ Robust quality department
✓ Positive quality culture
✓ Working towards GMP certification (FSSC 22000)

Future Fields quality control quality assurance quality biomanufacturing

How We Do What We Do

1 Identify protein of choice

recombinant protein DNA
recombinant protein DNA

2 Design and clone DNA sequence

DNA sequence chromosomes
DNA sequence chromosomes
drosophila melanogaster fruit fly genome genetics

3 Insert DNA into fruit fly genome

western blot Future Fields sample gel graphic

4 Confirm expression of protein

Drosophila biomass expansion

5 Expand the expression stock

6 Extract the protein of interest

Sustainable recombinant protein

7 Purify protein

(custom protocol for each protein)

protein purification chromatography simple graphic
cell culture sciences SPR

8 Validate function with cell culture and SPR

quality and safety testing checkmark

9 Final quality and safety testing

Future Fields products

10 Package final product for shipment


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Sustainable biomolecules

For scientists, by scientists.