Our Vision

Our vision for Future Fields We see our platform as a production system for life: optimizing food, nutrition, and health technologies across the globe in a circular economy framework. To achieve this, we will have a global manufacturing presence. Our technology is highly portable, has a small physical footprint, and rapidly scales, allowing for production anywhere that a warehouse can be built. We can leverage this to expand our production capabilities around the planet, with satellite sites localized near major markets, reducing shipping constraints and simplifying distribution. Fast forward 10 years from now, we envision EntoEngine production facilities on every major continent. The EntoEngine was designed for versatility - the ability to produce a wide variety of recombinant proteins and sustainable agriculture products is a considerable part of our unique advantage. We intend to fully leverage this advantage as we scale the company. Our BHAG for Future Fields is to create the largest and most sustainable biomanufacturing platform on the planet. While our current strategy is focused on low barrier-to-entry markets like cellular agriculture and R&D, our long-term outlook is to produce products for everything from vaccines and therapeutics to insect protein for animal feed. Our goal is to maximize our impact and reach through a broad product portfolio, addressing multiple markets. Because the application of the end product varies depending on the market, we envision multiple divisions within Future Fields, each dedicated to serving specific markets and regulatory requirements. Just as our technology is versatile, so too will be our company structure.