Edmonton Journal: Startup hopes to break into growing industry

Our First Article from the Edmonton Journal.

Back in the day when we first began Future Fields, we actually started as a full stage cultivated meat company producing chicken. The Edmonton Journal was kind enough to interview us about where we are at, and where we planned on going next (little did we know). Take a look for a brief look of what we were like before developing our biomanufacturing platform, which was originally designed to solve our own problem of too high production costs!

“There’s a little more emotion and culture attached to food, so getting people to accept it and realize that it really is the same thing is going to be a challenge,” (Matt) said. “It all comes down to taste and price … and I do think cultured meat will get there.”.

Read more here: https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/edmonton-startup-hopes-to-break-into-growing-cultured-meat-industry