Future Fields Lands 2.2M Seed, Ships First Cellular Meat Growth Media

News of Our Seed Round

Knowing that $3000/lb chicken will not revolutionize the meat industry in any capacity our co-founders Lejjy Gafour, Matthew Anderson-Baron, and Jalene Anderson-Baron set out to produce a novel cell culture media that can be customized to consumers needs, is ethically produced, is environmentally sound, and reduces the cost of production for cultivated meat products. $2.2 million in Seed Funding from U.S. venture capital firms and investors has provided Future Fields with the resources to root down and hit the ground running to meet the demand for affordable cellular-agriculture media globally. The new backbone of the cellular agriculture industry; a scalable, humane, and economically viable growth serum alternative to FBS.

Read more about our founding, where the funds are being distributed to, and the short but rich history of the cellular agriculture industry in these articles: