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Ento-A Albumin (Recombinant Bovine) Growth Media Supplement

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Future Fields Ento-A Recombinant Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) Enriched Growth Media Supplement produced with the EntoEngine™ recombinant protein platform comes as a 1000X concentrate.

Even though Albumin is not a critical requirement for cell survival and growth, Ento-A boosts increase in cell biomass and prolongs functionality of other growth factors in the media. As a result, Ento-A ensures more cell biomass with less labour and costs.

Ento-A comes as a lyophilized powder, which when reconstituted is ready to be supplemented into cell culture media.

Future Fields products are currently available for Research Use Only.

Please see below for supporting documentation for this product.

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Albumin, Serum Albumin, BSA - fraction V, ALB, Ento-A


BSA is a globular, non-glycoprotein with a molecular weight close to 66 kDa. It is a protein found predominantly in the circulatory system of the cow, but is also a constituent of the whey component of bovine milk. BSA is made of 583 amino acid residues and has 17 cysteine residues. Because of its size and higher levels of structure, BSA can bind proteins, ions, free fatty acids and other lipids. Albumin binds, sequesters and stabilizes functional components of cell media which in turn protects cells from damaged molecules. Additionally, albumin is a powerful antioxidant that spares other proteins from degradation in the culture media and serum.

Sequence (monomer):



Drosophila melanogaster

Functional Equivalence

10 mL of Ento-Tf is approximately equivalent to the performance of 4 g of recombinant bovine transferrin based on proliferation studies in C2C12 cells.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the shelf-life of this product?
The shelf-life is in our specification sheet.

The product arrived but was shipped at room temperature, is it OK?
Yes. We ship this product lyophilized. Please see the specification sheet for suggsted on-site storage conditions.

How do I get a Certificate of Analysis?
Please see above for an example CoA. If you require a lot-specific CoA, please email us at

Can this product be used to culture cells other than bovine species?
Yes! We have seen our products used successfully in a variety of cell cultures across land-dwelling and aquatic species.

What is the concentration of recombinant Albumin in this product?
All Ento- products are a very complex mixture of biomolecules which are enriched in the protein(s) of interest (Albumin, in this case). This technical grade product retains full functionality of the recombinant factors in addition to having beneficial effects on mammalian cell cultures. To suggest initial working quantities, we reference Ento- products with a metric we refer to as "functional equivalence" which is based on our in-house assays. Functional equivalence is the equivalent amount of isolated protein of interest that is needed to replicate the performance of this product.

This product is rigorously tested to ensure that both the background molecular profile of the supplement and the protein of interest contribute beneficial effects to cell growth and pass all safety testing requirements.

Has any safety testing been performed for this product?
Please see above for an example CoA which describes our safety testing results.

Are volume discounts available for this product?
Yes. Please reach out to to discuss your needs.