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Ento-Tf Transferrin

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Future Fields Ento-Tf is a Recombinant Bovine Transferrin Growth Media supplement that comes as a lyophilized mixture measured by total recombinant Transferrin mass and is produced with the EntoEngine™ recombinant protein expression system.

Ento-Tf plays a vital role in cell survival by acting as a chaperon for iron atoms in the iron metabolism pathway. Iron is an important metal atom for multiple enzymes and in the absence of Transferrin, cells undergo programmed cell death. Fully functional Transferrin, like Ento-Tf, is critical for providing cells with a strong survival signal. Alongside excellent functionality, Ento-Tf is a cost effective and sustainable alternative to other recombinant Transferrin products on the market.

This product is currently available for Research Use Only.

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Transferrin is a glycoprotein that promotes cell proliferation by tightly binding and delivering iron into the cells via the Transferrin-receptor. It is a bioactive protein intended for use in cell culture applications. Tf is an extracellular antioxidant, sequestering available iron and reducing the production of free radicals. Similarly, Tf has an antimicrobial function, impeding bacterial survival. Recombinant Bovine transferrin produced by the EntoEngine™ is a single glycosylated polypeptide chain containing 704 amino acids and has a molecular mass of 77 kDa.

Sequence (monomer):



Ento-Tf is a technical grade product which is shipped containing the listed amount of recombinant bovine transferrin within a complex heterogeneous mixture. Please see FAQs for details.


Drosophila melanogaster

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf-life of this product?
The shelf-life is in our specification sheet.

The product arrived but was shipped at room temperature, is it OK?
Yes. We ship this product lyophilized. Please see the specification sheet for suggsted on-site storage conditions.

How do I get a Certificate of Analysis?
A certificate of analysis is not yet available for this product.

Can this product be used to culture cells other than bovine species?
Yes! We have seen our products used successfully in a variety of cell cultures across land-dwelling and aquatic species.

What does technical grade mean?
Ento products are referred to as technical grade. They are heterogeneous mixtures which contain host proteins, lipids, and other components from the expression system (D. melanogaster) in addition to the listed amount of recombinant protein(s) of interest (recombinant bovine transferrin, in this case).

All Ento products are rigorously tested to ensure that both the background molecular profile of the supplement and the protein of interest pass all quality and safety testing requirements.

Has any food safety testing been performed for this product?

A certificate of analysis is not yet available for this product.

Are volume discounts or recurring order discounts available for this product?
Yes. Please reach out to to discuss your needs.