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Laboratory Technician In Our Edmonton Lab

When does it close?

Open until suitable candidate(s) selected.

Who are you again?

We are Future Fields, a group of Canadian innovators working to expand the reach of cellular agriculture into accessible consumer products. We are currently developing an inexpensive and effective serum-free growth media for producing cultured meat.Because we believe we are building the future, it is important to us that our employees feel the same way. The culture at Future Fields is one of innovation and growth.

We are continually learning and evolving. We focus on collaborative discussion and encouraging execution of new ideas and empower our team to do so. Future Fields is an inclusive environment with a “no jerks” policy. Leave your ego at the door, as ego prevents learning, development and innovation.

Future Fields exists in an environment dedicated to collaboration, taking risks and developing new ideas. We are believers in “failing forward” and leveraging our mistakes to help us grow. We believe that every employee is integral to the team and contributes to the success of the company as we build an entirely novel industry

What is the role?

Supporting senior scientists with various tasks to complete different technical projects relating to the production and purification of bioactive growth factors.
-Molecular cloning - PCR, DNA purification, gel electrophoresis, bacterial transformation, etc.  
-Cell culture - maintaining and expanding mammalian and avian primary
myoblast populations.
-Assisting with protein purification.

Adjusting, calibrating, and ensuring the effective functioning of laboratory instruments and equipment:
-Disinfecting and cleaning the equipment and working area; and

General Laboratory Duties including:
-Preparing solutions
-Ensuring the laboratory is well-stocked and resourced with sufficient supplies.
-Autoclaving items
-Disposing of hazardous materials

Writing Standard Operating Procedures and other lab documents.

Testing procedures and practices to ensure the veracity of resulting information. Maintaining detailed and accurate records of research findings; writing reports, reviews, and summaries: Entering test results into a database, ensuring that all information is both current and accurate

What are the qualifications?

Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology or equivalent (Must have degree requirements fulfilled by position start date - May 1, 2020). Minimum 6 months of laboratory experience.

It is a bonus if you have: experience working with cell culture, experience working with drosophila, experience with molecular cloning.

When does it close?

Open until suitable candidate(s) selected.

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