Expression Platform

Our EntoEngine ™ platform produces bioactive growth factors and other recombinant proteins more sustainably and cost efficiently than traditional expression systems. These components are essential for supporting robust cell growth and the key to reducing growth media costs for cell cultured meat, milk, cosmetics, food ingredients, medical products, alternative textiles, and other materials.

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Growth Factors

Choose from our library of available species-specific growth factors for your needs. We are continually adding more.


Need more than one? We can provide you with a complete package of growth factors depending on your needs.

Full Scale

If cost, volume, or availability of growth factors remain difficult for you as part of your operations, we can help at any size.

The Future of Food

Agriculture for the Future. Today.

We are Future Fields - a group of Canadian innovators working to unleash the full potential of cellular agriculture.  We produce sustainable, cost-efficient bioproducts so our customers can focus on what they do best - making really good meat, milk, and other animal products that are better for us and the environment.

An Expression Platform that Doesn't Compromise

Nature has been conducting experiments for billions of years - there is no greater laboratory. Eons of evolutionary selection and genetic tinkering have led to the most efficient and precise designs. We know we can’t outperform nature. Instead, we embrace it at the core of our technology. 

Our novel expression platform is our advantage. Our products are cost-effective, sustainable, and versatile.

One team, many talents

Ela Dudek

Brian Olsen

Connor Davis

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