Making the unmakeable

Expressing your difficult protein

Increasing success rates by screening 200+ cell types in parallel

Anyeld Cell Culture Technician

Affordable at scale from micrograms to grams of your protein, daily

Janelle Biomanufacturing Lead
Janelle Biomanufacturing Lead

Affordable at scale from micrograms to grams of your protein, daily

On-demand continuous production for custom batch sizes and flexible minimums

Laine Protein Biochemistry Lead

How your difficult protein is made

Quality that scales with you

We offer a range of custom assays or controls for your protein. Quality services also include complete vendor evaluation support, enhanced traceability with state-of-the-art eQMS, and more.

Quality control and custom assays
Senior Research Scientist Paige sustainable recombinant protein production

Accountable to you and the planet

Your protein is made in our green-certified lab. We donate 1% of our revenue to environmental nonprofits to combat climate change.

By scientists, for scientists

Our experts include protein scientists, quality and regulatory specialists, Drosophila leaders, and beyond. As an extension of your team, we deploy rigorous assessments and protocols to ensure your protein is effectively expressed and delivered.

Future Fields VP of Research and Development Ela Dudek

Understanding DTEPs

What makes a protein difficult to express? Read our recent blog post to learn more.

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