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Fly forward with us.

We're changing the world, one fruit fly at a time. The EntoEngine™ platform is a novel insect-expression platform that can make the world's most sustainable recombinant proteins. Our solutions are part of a much bigger puzzle on how to effectively tackle climate change. And, we think it's possible to have a lot of fun working on hard problems.

Check out our openings below. Come find your purpose at Future Fields!

Future Fields team

Unleashing the next biorevolution

We are a young and rapidly growing venture backed startup (with support from awesome investors including Bee Partners, Y Combinator, and Pioneer Fund). We’ve even had a shoutout from Ironman himself! Joining our team now means you’ll have the opportunity to shape our culture and products, to lead others, and to influence the direction of our company. Perhaps most importantly - you’ll be joining a team that is genuinely energized by this work and the meaningful potential of sustainable proteins to change the world.

Future Fields biotechnology startup Anzer using a pipette
Matt and Jalene standing, facing the camera, giving a speech upon receiving an award. Matt is holding a microphone and Jalene is smiling.
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Named Best Startup Workplace in 2022

At the 2022 Edmonton Startup Community Awards, we won the award for Best Startup Workplace.

In 2020, Future Fields was a team of 8 putting together the first few shipments of sustainable recombinant proteins. As of June 2022, we are 30 Future Fields agents strong and still growing.

The team we've cultivated is the true powerhouse, and we're honoured to have received an award that reflects the passion, compassion, and grit of this team.

Strength in Uniqueness

Our team of scientists, engineers, circus performers, restaurateurs, dancers, folk music aficionados, kid parents, pet parents, cyclists, and artists hail from every corner of the world.

We credit our diverse team and experiences as the key to our success—and we encourage candidates of all identities and backgrounds to apply.

Future Fields neon logo sign and beanbag chairs
Photo of Future Fields' co-founders Matt Anderson-Baron and Jalene Anderson-Baron sitting in Edmonton Headquarters office

From punk rock to bio-punk

Our story is anything but conventional. Matt (co-founder/CEO) was a touring punkrock musician who dropped out of university before returning to complete his PhD in cell biology. Jalene (co-founder/COO) is a social researcher by training, previously working on issues from the right to affordable housing to harm reduction.

Everyone at Future Fields is continually learning and evolving. We know we don’t have all the answers, but we try to ask good questions. We believe in “failing forward” and leveraging our mistakes to help us grow. We never want our team to feel constrained by the status quo and we don’t judge ideas based on where they come from. We actively work to foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and psychological safety through transparency, structure, and open communication.

Join us in our journey of "world-firsts"


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