Future Fields team

For humanity and the planet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the most sustainable biomanufacturing platform on the planet.

Our Vision

Our vision is a future where embracing the full human experience does not compromise the health and viability of humanity and the planet—a future where the innovative bioproducts that feed, heal, and fuel the world have a net positive impact on people, animals, and the natural environment.

Our Values

1. Act on the climate crisis

2. Fast is as slow as we go.

3. Take initiative.

4. Everyone has a voice.

5. Make plans - but be prepared to break them.

6. We're a team, not a family (so spend time with yours!)

7. Stay humble.

8. Embrace discomfort.

9. Top to bottom transparency.

10. Be good and kind.

Our Team


Matt Anderson-Baron, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO

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Cell biologist, drosophilist, cycling enthusiast, former punk-rock artist

Jalene Anderson-Baron, MA
Co-Founder & COO

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Ice cream connoisseur, film photography hobbyist, mother, former competitive weightlifter


Chris Fetterly, PhD
VP Sales & Marketing

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Tech-utopian, nanoscientist, sci-fi / fantasy fan, martial arts enthusiast

Matthew Alexander, CPA
VP Finance

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Cycling aficionado, lover of the outdoors, woodworker

Avi Sheshachalam, PhD
VP Product

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Cell biologist, food lover, music appreciator, did we mention food lover?

Ela Dudek, PhD
VP Research & Development

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STEMinist, women in science advocate, student mentor, community leader, mother

Sales & Marketing

Matthew Kingston, MBA
Sr. Strategy & Sustainability Associate

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Nature explorer, hip-hop lover, environmentalist, fan of local foods and brews

Diane Jeon
Marketing Lead

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Pun enthusiast, cafe hopper, hobbyist photographer, musicals appreciator

Business Operations

Andrew Currie
Organization and Community Lead

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Arts and culture advocate, dog lover, community leader

Abbas Mehdi
R&D Operations Assistant

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Startup enthusiast, synthetic biologist, human rights advocate

Mia Dennis
Executive Assistant

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Organisational wizard, avid traveller, sci-fi enthusiast, perpetual tea-drinker, aspiring jack-of-all-trades

Quality Management

Lia Firth
Quality Control Lead

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Pharmacologist, gardener, fusion dancer, mother of humans and cats

Qi Meek, MSc
Quality Assurance Lead

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Solution finder, environmental scientist, gardener, avid cook, dog mom

Nagalakshmi Kannuchamy, PhD
Regulatory Affairs Lead

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Food scientist, food lover, mother, explorer

Thuy Nguyen, PhD
Quality Control Associate

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Bio-analytical chemist, life learner, foodie, book lover, minimalist

Ray Ishida, MSc
Quality Control Technician

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Molecular biologist, virologist, climber, book lover, mountain lover


Future Fields Genetics Lead Pratima Chennuri

Pratima Chennuri, PhD
Genetics Lead

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Drosophilist, molecular geneticist, pun lover, seasoned (mis)adventurer, cyclist, perpetual student

Future Fields Agent Connor Davis

Connor Davis
Research Scientist

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Biochemist, climber, cyclist, chess enthusiast

Luis Arce, MSc
Molecular Biology Technician

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Prion scientist, YEG river valley enthusiast, electronic music aficionado

Anzer Khan, PhD
Senior Scientist

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Drosophilist, geneticist, cricket enthusiast, cook, winter lover

Engineering & Insect Technologies

Future Fields Agent Erik Luber

Erik Luber, PhD
Head of Engineering

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Engineering physicist, lover of maths, sustainable energy scientist, aerial straps coach/performer, rational optimist

Future Fields Agent Brian Olsen

Brian Olsen, MSc
Automation & Design Engineer

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Materials engineer, computer enthusiast, machine whisperer, 3D artist, piano player (sort-of)

Future Fields Agent Ryan Brodziak

Ryan Brodziak
Production Technician

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Restaurateur, boulderer, cycler of the regular and motor variety, hockey lover

Kennedy Tkach
Production Technician

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Theatre buff, Red Seal pastry chef, aerial silk performer, adventure seeker

Protein Biochemistry

Laine Lysyk, MSc
Research Scientist

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Protein scientist, globetrotter, thrifter, mountain explorer, classically trained singer

Paige Grant, MSc
Research Scientist

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Biochemist, social dancer, puppy snuggler, nail art enthusiast

Amran Howlader, PhD
Research Scientist

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Cell Culture

Future Fields Agent Brittany Fraser

Brittany Fraser, MSc
Cell Culture Lead

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Molecular biologist, soccer mom, Harry Potter fan, ultimate party planner

Iryna Ilienko, PhD
Research Scientist

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Immunocytologist, mother, world traveller, appreciator of life’s beauty

We see a future where embracing the full human experience does not compromise the health and viability of humanity and the planet.