Future Fields’ three newest advisors who are guiding the future of biomanufacturing

Future Fields’ three newest advisors who are guiding the future of biomanufacturing

Future Fields | October 30, 2023

On September 20, 2023, we were thrilled to launch our custom protein solutions – a significant stride forward in our mission to synergize nature and technology to improve life on Earth. Harnessing our sustainable biotechnology to provide tailored solutions for both research-use and pre-clinical protein targets, we are excited to partner with those who are redefining the landscape of scientific research and biopharmaceutical development.

We understand the importance of assembling a team of visionaries who can help us shape the future. This is why we were excited to introduce three distinguished individuals who have joined our Advisory Board. Anna Seymour-Slight, Chuck Hart, and Sreesha Srinivasa bring with them a wealth of expertise and insights that will undoubtedly drive our mission to new heights.

As we roll out the next evolution in biomanufacturing, our new advisors are poised to guide us on this exciting journey. These dynamic individuals, each hailing from diverse backgrounds, bring with them a rich tapestry of experiences. Let's delve into the profiles of these biotech veterans who have joined us on our mission.

Biotech Leader Building Businesses from the Ground Up

Anna Seymour-Slight

An experienced executive in the life sciences industry, Anna has had an accomplished career leading European commercial and distribution networks and businesses

for nearly three decades. Most recently, she was Vice President, European Operations and Global Marketing for PeproTech, (now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific), a business that specialises in manufacturing and supplying high quality cytokine products and services to the life science and cell therapy markets globally. In this role, she was central to building and developing PeproTech’s go-to-market operations, its brand, client base, and market share worldwide. Among her accomplishments was helping the company transition from the research arena into the production of GMP-manufactured cytokines used for cellular and gene therapy development.

Currently, Anna is offering her knowledge and expertise to life sciences companies as a private consultant. Anna is a graduate of the University of Exeter and is based in the United Kingdom.  

"Future Fields, its innovative expression platform and its team is dedicated to making a significant and positive impact on science, aligning the demands and needs of current bio-manufacturing and protein expression with those of the planet.  

Their EntoEngine™ platform has novel and proprietary technology and processes which provide impressive and effective solutions to address scalability and continuity of supply. These are challenges that are faced by many in our industry, and it is impactful that Future Fields, its platform, quality systems and the commitment of its team have developed a solution.

Their commitment to quality, performance and support across the board means that scientists and the industry are offered a reliable, passionate and capable CDMO partner, advancing scientific discovery and delivery, whilst also delivering personalised client and project focus as well as support."

Biologics Manufacturing Expert and Deep Technology Expertise

Chuck Hart

Chuck is a well-seasoned industry leader with 32 years of biologics manufacturing experience. He has extensive commercial operations experience as well as program and project leadership experience in commissioning and qualification (C&Q), tech transfer, and facility licensure, with successful start-up and regulatory approval of multiple biopharmaceutical facilities. Chuck has worked with large biopharma companies such as Amgen, Shire, Genzyme, GlaxoSmithKline, and Wyeth, and has also led medium and small biopharma companies. Chuck managed the upstream manufacturing team in the construction, commissioning, startup, and successful pre-approval inspection (PAI) of the very first commercial 2000 litre single-use bioreactor facility. He has also served as a site head for a small biopharma facility.

Chuck is a large-scale single-use technology expert and has led activities for large-scale biologics greenfield and brownfield start-ups with multiple facilities, inclusive of facility layout, equipment and component design, installation, and qualification. He has managed multiple teams including manufacturing, quality, facilities and engineering, safety and security, and warehouse staff.

“The prospect of providing support to a company that is at the forefront of scientific discoveries and technical advancements while also focusing on cost, sustainability, and humanity is truly exhilarating. Future Fields’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of science and dedication to improving the lives of patients as well as communities resonates deeply with me. It is an honour to be a part of this visionary team. The potential to make a meaningful impact on healthcare and human well-being is both motivating and humbling.

I am confident that our collective efforts will yield remarkable results, and I cannot wait to contribute my skills, passion, and dedication to a shared mission. Here's to an amazing adventure ahead!”

Global Biopharma and Drug Discovery Veteran

Sreesha Srinivasa, PhD

Sreesha is an experienced biopharma professional with a career spanning over 25 years at global biotechnology and pharmaceutical organisations. He has broad and in-depth hands-on experience in all aspects of the drug discovery and development continuum, from target to approved drugs. Sreesha has led and contributed to several discovery and development programs which have gone into clinical development including FDA approved drugs, Crizotinib and Palbociclib. He is intimately familiar with commercialising potential therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (MABs), including the necessary regulatory compliance and risk mitigation strategies for manufacturing at scale.

Sreesha also had experience leading small molecules as well as biologic therapeutic programs in diverse organisations in the US, Europe and India, from start-up biotech to large pharma and CRO. During his professional career, Sreesha has held leadership positions at CGI Pharma (now Gilead), Pfizer, Jubilant, Piramal, Biocon and Oblique Therapeutics.

Currently, Sreesha is an independent consultant advising several global organisations. He holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry from Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, USA.

“Future Fields’ EntoEngine™ is an innovative approach to manufacturing biologics that has the potential to offer a solution to a capacity crunch that already exists but is going to get worse in the future as more and more biologics come to the market.

Having had the personal experience of constrained capacity affecting the timelines and budget of development of novel biologics, I believe the EntoEngine™ can offer a faster and cheaper alternative to traditional manufacturing platforms to small-to-medium-sized biopharma companies.”



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